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5 August 2020

My Kitchen: Japanese Beef Curry

Japanese Beef Curry First attempt. Not bad. 😍👍 Did you know? – Japanese curry (カレー, karē) is commonly served in three main forms: curry rice (カレーライス, karē raisu, curry over rice), curry udon (curry over noodles), and curry bread (a curry-filled pastry). It is one of the most popular dishes…

Photo by Max DeRoin from Pexels

How to Configure the Windows 10 – the Minimalist Way

Love the Windows 10 and it’s the best Windows Operating System (OS) after Windows 7. Not so much fan on Windows 8.x series as the Start button behaviour was weird 🙂 In saying that, there are so many Windows 10 configuration that you can do but I like to make…