Arki: Swing and Game Profile Series – May 2022

The swing and routine can change over time. The player itself or the coach might introduce a new slightly things but then without looking other moving parts can cause create an issue along the way. Previously, I looked at this swing and game profile on per case basis to help Arki’s swing. Now, it tends to be repetitive and it is good to document this for future reference.

Monday-Tuesday, 30-31 May 2022 @ Home

I pointed out this “hip spinning” to the boys and mentioned that there is instant feedback instead of using a phone camera to look at the feet.

The setup is as follows:

Started with 30 shots. Then on Tuesday aimed for 100 shots.

Some swing profiles:

Saturday, 28 May 2022 @ Bonnie Doon Golf Club

I watched the boys play along with other juniors. On the second hole after hitting the ball with an iron, one of the juniors commented about the swing and mentioned: “hip spinning too quickly on the downswing”. Arki is aware of that and that’s what he’s been working on. But I didn’t aware of that term.

Drills to stop spinning out in downswing

After a few holes watching, the aligning of the two-foot is still pointed to the left of the target. The second shot hardly goes to the green – almost 20 meters to the left of the target and it needs to be readdressed again. However, now it’s always left which is a good thing.

Wednesday/Thursday, 25-26 May 2022 @ Bonnie Doon Golf Club

I picked up the alignment issue on setup – both feet are pointing to the left of the target and sometimes the shoulders are straight or right of the target.

While walking with him, I used the stick to point to the target as he feels that he was correct while the adjustment feels that right the target – argues about his eyesight during the setup. While the setup is correct, the ball is still left but not much – reasonable not like 20 meters to the left. He will address this issue.

The other issue that he raised was that he did a lot of chunks (big divot). No solution as yet.

Sunday, 22 May 2022 @ Home

Put into a whiteboard to recap:

  • Have a clear goal to do the practice purpose routine, especially understanding on club path (close) and clubface (square or close). Feel to create a draw shot – inside-outside – looking right of the target. As this will solve the mixed shot between too much left or push right. It needs to get rid of the push right.

Friday, 19 May 2022 @ Taylormade Performace Centre

As this similar issue (left-right) since last time, we face it. We changed the shaft from 105 to 120 grams and much better between December to February 2022. We organised to check the club as already 6 months already since last time. It turned out it’s more related to the swing issue. Based on the data, we found an open club path and sometimes an open clubface. Paul Davis noticed that at the setup level the clubface was open – asked to square or extremely closed. He also advised looking at the right of the target – feeling inside-outside swing. He also advised looking at the coach more often – every 6 weeks.

Wednesday/Thursday, 18-19 May 2022 @ Bonnie Doon GC

I noticed that introducing stomping the right foot brings more inconsistency. Pointed this to Arki!

Tuesday, 17 May 2022 @ Bonnie Doon GC

It’s been a few months since the swing changed back in late February – the score hardly reached the handicap. The swing either away left or push to the right on irons which is alarming as this is usually the main weapon to lower score. The other thing that changed is the Footjoy shoes – it seems like slightly tall. Also, the iron shaft has been 6 months since the last check and it’s due.

We started to look at the swing first if there is a change or unusual. We went to the driving range today and have a chance to see the swing.

Observation – started with 5 irons

  • On setup, ball in the middle – check!
  • On setup, the club is slightly open – check!
  • On setup, feet square to the target line – check!
  • On setup, open shoulder – check!
  • On setup, stand too narrow – a bit unusual!
  • On top of the swing, way above the head – a bit unusual!
  • On the downswing, the right food is too toe-ing – I believe it’s always like this!
  • The ball flight intended is a baby draw – check!


  • 1-2-1-2 stand
  • Take away inside a little bit hoping to flat the swing. Creating on a top swing – around above the head a little bit
  • Toe-ing early on the right foot: Arki came up with a trigger on take away swing by toe-ing and pressing down when downswing. Need to focus more on this.

Research on the right foot on the downswing and found this video. Those toes are too early in the downswing. This can cause inconsistent shots – toe shots, easy to come over the top, and thin shots. The solution is either to flatten the right foot or keep the toe-ing but then maintain the height!!!

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