Golf Challenges

Within 6 months toward the finish line – September 2022, there are a few challenges that we need to face:

Found that have a weak core (May 2022)

Followed up on the meeting before. After the scan, we found that the core is not strong enough. Did a serious exercise and he gave us the program that needs to follow religiously 3x a week.

Found that the shoulder is not balanced (April 2022)

We had a chat with physiotherapy back in March 2022 when the TPS tournament started. Asked us to bring the kids to do some scans. We came in around April and found that the shoulder is not balanced. Asked again us to come back for 2 weeks to do check the core. He gave us the exercise.

Kept slip when downswing especially when it was wet weather (Mar, May 2022)

Notified this again and the gut feeling is something to do with the shoes. Spoken with other golfer parents and the guess is similar. Checked the shoes and it has only had 6 spikes instead 8 spikes. Eventually, we found shoes with 9 spikes!!!

Exam week (April 2022)

There was one big tournament that was qualified BUT that week was an exam/assignment week. Notified the school and out of 7 subjects – 4 need to be done prior to that week and the rest after a school holiday. Not much preparation for a golf tournament.

Lost Distance with Driver

When the swing lab compared the Taylormade and XXX, the new driver has gain more distance and the spin rate is low. Bought a new driver with the right shaft and replaced the old one from the bag.

New swing to make the swing back to the preferred baby draw (late Feb 2022)

As the iron changes (shorten as too long), it created the swing changes slowly and the pattern was a baby fade instead of the baby draw that used to be. See the coach and fix the issue BUT it will take time to fix this.

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