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Aaron: Swing and Game Profile Series – June 2022

Challenges Block rightThinned Monday, 6 June 2022 @ Home My observation: Setup: Club on the middle right Setup: Close the club faceAt the top, above the head (if it’s full swing)At impact, right foot not so much tip-toe like used to beAt impact, right-hand tuck in Saturday, 4 June 2022…

Arki: Swing and Game Profile Series – June 2022

Challenge AlignmentHip spinning Divot: Outside-InsideChunk Tuesday, 21 June 2022 @ Home On the 10th of June (last week), Arki has a lesson after 3 months with his coach. The feedback from the coach is that the shoulder on the left at the impact was so high and caused a block…

Golf Challenges

Within 6 months toward the finish line – September 2022, there are a few challenges that we need to face: Found that have a weak core (May 2022) Followed up on the meeting before. After the scan, we found that the core is not strong enough. Did a serious exercise…