Arki: Swing and Game Profile Series – June 2022


  • Alignment
  • Hip spinning
  • Divot: Outside-Inside
  • Chunk

Tuesday, 21 June 2022 @ Home

On the 10th of June (last week), Arki has a lesson after 3 months with his coach. The feedback from the coach is that the shoulder on the left at the impact was so high and caused a block or chunk shot.

The coach taught 2 instant feedbacks: putting a stick in front of the target line (this will create a more round swing) and a piece of a napkin before the ball.

My observation:

Today, I’ve noticed with this new change that the top of the swing is used to be slightly above the head/around the head/slightly lower the head. I mentioned this to Arki and he said not to worry about this as the swing has been checked. This raised my question: it means that the swing on meeting with the coach might be like now (slightly above/par/lower the head) which is different from the past few months – away above the head!!! I need to document this so there will be no dispute for the next few months when the issue is coming back again. The other positive is that Arki will follow and continue to meet the coach regularly – every forthnight to solve this ongoing issue.

Swing Profile:

Monday, 6 June 2022 @ Home

According to Arki, the concept of a loop below is not really going to solve.

Arki found the solution for chunk and inconsistency which is tuck and turning shoulder. He said that originally don’t like that idea BUT now he said no choice.

My observation:

  • Setup: Half ball on the middle right (according to his vision is middle)
  • Setup: Square the club face
  • At the top, above the head (if it’s full swing)
  • At impact, right foot not so much tip-toe like used to be
  • At impact, right-hand tuck in

Saturday, 4 June 2022 @ Bonnie Doon GC

Arki raised again the chunk – hitting 2 or 3 cm before the ball. This issue has been mentioned BUT has never been documented. Advise him to come up with instant feedback for this.

Found the video for the concept of a loop – starting with outside (takeaway) will end up with inside (downswing) – vice versa for starting inside (takeaway) could lead to the outside (downswing).

This week could not see much due to the winter blast.

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