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What is the behaviour of Sleep mode on a laptop

User might not knowing the right behaviour of the sleep mode on a laptop. The user can make an assumption that the machine was shut itself.

Depending on the configuration, usually, on battery mode, the display was shut after 30 minutes as well as the machine sleep. By default, the configuration was 5 minutes for display and 15 minutes for sleep.

The Solution


On Windows 10, to set manually to sleep mode, go to the Start button and then the Sleep option.

Once the machine on sleep mode, the behavious for this are:

Dell Sleep Mode Behaviour

On the Dell laptop, the screen will turn to blank screen.

On the Dell laptop, the power button will fade in and out (white).

Also, the white light on the front side of the laptop will fad in and out.

To disable the sleep mode, press the power button once gently on the laptop.

This will bring back the last state prior the sleep mode start.









Final Say

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