Cooking Korean BBQ (KBBQ) at Home. Cooking Idea & Inspiration.

Love Korean BBQ? Love to cook Korean BBQ at home similar like in the Korean restaurant with your family and friends? It’s quite simple actually. You need to get marinated beef or pork. You also need vegetables, souce and banchan (side dishes). The side dishes is an optional, I guess, but it’s not really Korean BBQ with out it. Plus drinks – a key part of KBBQ!!! You can get all these from your local Korean or Asian supermarket. Lastly, you also need a grill/hot plate to cook.

Check out this amazing grill/hot plate, utensils and dishes –

Portable Butane Stove
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Plate Stove
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Utensils: Tongs, Chopsticks, Scissors
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Dishes: Small Bowls, Small Plates, Dipping Bowls
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